❤️Vision on the Partner Program

How we see our cooperation

This is a shared vision from the partner team at Let's Get Digital and will change over time with new knowledge and experience! In this article you can find our vision of the account management department on what makes a partner program successful. What is our overall goal? And what are the core values that we intend to incorporate in our daily work to give our best with every partner we have? This article explains how we want to work with our partners, and what they can expect from us. Also, it opens the door for conversation about how partners want to work together and what their views are on this collaboration.


The vision we have at the account management department on a successful partnership, is a mutual beneficial relationship between the two parties. Our goal is to create a long-lasting, win-win corporation with companies and people to further grow the market position of the Let's Get Digital platform in the virtual and hybrid event industry. Let's Get Digital wants to organize high-quality events for all kind of clients, make those clients happy and enjoy the growing monetary and non-monetary benefits over time together.

Concretely we focus on three things:

  1. Relationship with our partners (we built a relationship that works)

  2. Revenue growth of our partners (we grow the amount of events and revenue our partners do)

  3. Quality of events organised by our partners (we want to have only happy clients)


In order to maximize the chances of success with our current and future partners, we've concretized our core values. Every partner from Let's Get Digital can be assured that we'll give it our best to live by these values in our daily work. As you'll notice; the core values have direct and indirect links with each other: you cannot create a win-win partnership without having shared goals and values. Still, we feel like these are important to remember, as the quote below is:

You don't select a partnership, you build one.

Shared goals and values

We believe that in order to flourish in a partnership, it's essential to share goals and values of what the relationship entails and what we are striving to achieve together. A partnership is a two-way street which means that both parties are responsible for putting in time and effort to achieve success in this journey we've embarked upon together. After all, we both made a conscious decision to be in this partnership in the first place! It's something that might thrift out of sight in weeks where full agenda's, meetings, events and overall busy life has priority and to be honest; that's fine. We're here for that. But, it is crucial to check-in and bump heads every now and then to see how things are going. We can then see where we can help each other, where we might want to change things around, give something extra in terms of effort and/or time or just to see how the companies and the people that make up the companies are doing.

Win-Win / Mutual Benefit

The only way that a partnership will last over time is when both parties feel like they are benefiting from the partnership. By setting clear goals for success at the start and regularly evaluate on this from both sides is the way to keep track of both parties share the feeling of a win-win partnership. This is in line with the essential fact that both parties aspire to help the other party succeed in the market.

Honest and open communication

Honest and open communication is key to a successful partnership. To be able to grow together we need to know what is happening on both sides of the agreement. This includes being open to each other about how the partnership is going. As in any relationship, irritations and frustrations will probably happen every now and then and it is crucial that these things are talked about in a trusted and open manner. To 'build' a partnership is to be able to talk about these things and to sort them out.

This takes time, effort and attention.

Measurable results

When are we satisfied and happy? How do we measure the success of a partnership? This needs to be a balance between paying attention to the process of the partnership but also we need to measure our results in a more factual way. This way, we evaluate on process and outcome. After all, at the end of the day, it comes down to if this partnership really yields the results that we started the partnership with. Thus, we evaluate on process and outcome to be able to adjust and improve our corporation over time.

Celebrate wins

We both stepped into this partnership to make it succeed. When magical things happen because of that partnership it's not only really enjoyable to celebrate that together but also imperative to take a conscious moment together to both remember ourselves that it evolved out of our journey together!

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