Find some frequently asked questions about our Partner Program here.

Why is it called criteria?

We call it criteria because they resemble what a partner in that certain tier should be able to tick-off in order te maximize the chances of being successful. Once you meet the criteria of the next tier, you can go into that tier. The criteria basically give a baseline of what we expect from a partner.

Partner Portal, what is that?

The partner portal is be the place where our partners can find useful information. We're currently working on completion of this portal, which will be launched in the coming months.

How does the 10% rule work for subscriptions?

In case of a subscription sold by the Partner to its end-client, the partner receives an additional 10% revenue share on top of the revenue share corresponding to its Partner tier. This additional share applies to each subscription sold and applies to the entire amount of the subscription sold. The additional revenue share is not applicable on any deal in which no subscription is involved. The additional 10% revenue share also applies to user buckets which are bought together with the subscription.

For example: A gold partner will get 50% off on a deal closed with a subscription. This will be deducted from the total amount of the contracts deal.

How does upfront commitment work?

Upfront commitment is an option for partners that want to receive the benefits of a higher tier that they are currently in for that contract year. This means that partners can pay the full amount for the Let's Get Digital revenue for the tier that they want to be in at the beginning of the contract year. So, if a bronze partner wants to receive the benefits corresponding to the silver tier, the partner needs to pay the upfront commitment of €150.000,- minus their LGD revenue if they don't meet that target.

This means that if the partner also meets the tier criteria for that tier, the partner is re-assigned to the higher tier. Please note that in the case of upfront commitment, the amount needs to be paid in full and will not be refunded at the end of the contract year if revenue is missing.

What happens with my clients when our partner contract is terminated by either us or you?

We will take over the clients that want to keep using the Let's Get Digital platform. In case of subscriptions, Let's Get Digital will invoice the partner for the remaining amount of the contract. The partner revenue will be deducted from the invoice.

This amount of the invoice equals the sum of:

  • The remaining months of the subscription divided by the total duration of the subscription times the total subscription end client contract value.

  • The end client value of the additional purchased unused users.

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