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The Expert Sessions

Let's Get Digital hosts digital expert session from inside the platform every week! This is the moment where we invite all our partners and clients to join in and experience how the platform operates and to show potential new clients, partners and investors what makes Let's Get Digital such an awesome platform to work with!

During these expert session, a lot of different types of content and functionalities will be available for everyone to see and experience such as the live lobbystream, the network carrousel, different kind of speaker-audience sessions and more! Also, participants can get an good look and feel of the platform in terms of user experience, interface and navigation.

Our sales process is aimed towards getting as many people inside the expert session as possible. We do this because it's the best way for people to experience the possibilities of the platform and this in turn creates a very nice follow-up after the event. This has proved to be very successful as we've organized more than 1000 virtual events in the last 1.5 year only!

We challenge all our partners to invite as many potential clients and people from your organization to these expert sessions. The platform in action sells itself..

We love to see our partners during these expert sessions and a lot of our partners are already highly involved! We'd love for you to get involved to! Let us know what you'd like to do during these sessions!

We work with referral links that you can use to invite your potential clients to the expert session. Please use these as it will show up in our systems as your clients. This will make sure we won't get in contact with them as they are your clients.

Also, it will provide useful insights over time to show you the success rate of the expert sessions!

Every partner has it's own referral link personalized, please ask your Partner Growth Manager for yours!

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