This page lists all the frequently asked questions about the new pricing

  1. How do the add-ons exactly work?

    The add-ons that can be bought are the mobile application and the branded mobile application. These cannot be ‘added’ in the core package, but only in the advanced or extensive package. The cost for the mobile application is €1000 and for the branded mobile application is €1500. These can be bought for every advanced or extensive event. For example: A client has a subscription and wants 4 different events with an Mobile application, then the clients need to pay €4000 for the applications.

  2. Can additional days be added to an event?

    Depending on the selected package, additional duration of 2, 3 or 5 days can be bought. This means that a single day cannot be bought, a client can only buy 2, 3 or 5 days depending on the package. Duration of an event runs from the actual start from the event, and is calculated as 24h times the number of days included in a package. Additional costs will be charged with users, you can see users as user credits. A discount of 25% is granted, based on the amount on users.

  3. What is the cost of event with over 5000 attendees?

    The maximum event size for all packages is 5.000 attendees, additional costs will be charged if surpassed. Single events with more than 5.000 attendees have custom pricing. This means that you have to contact Let’s Get Digital to get a quotation of the costs for the event.

  4. Buckets Buckets can be bought up to 7 days before the event; - Single events: price per extra user (outside of bought bucket) is the price per user of the largest bucket bought; - Subscriptions: price per extra user (outside of bought buckets) is the price per user of the largest bucket bought in the last 12 months. - Buckets for 5000 user credits are available to all subscriptions, contact your LGD account manager for prices.

  5. Upgrade packages It is always possible to upgrade the package and there is no time limit to when this can be done. We would advise you as a partner to set a time limit to this in order to prepare for the event.

  6. Features It is not possible to get certain features out of a higher package. You can only upgrade the complete package to get features out of a higher package. For example; If you have a client with an advanced event, but they want they only want the advanced networking carrousel out of the extensive package then they have to upgrade to the extensive package.

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