This page lists all the frequently asked questions about the new packages

  1. Which level of support do we give

    Let’s Get Digital gives the most basic support. This means that a client gets the support as described in the Support Options one pager that is available. Partners can give more support as they see fit.

  2. How can the new pricing & packaging (P&P) cater to events with less content but with a higher attendance rate?

    The new P&P is designed to ‘push’ people to the advanced or extensive packages (in particular the subscriptions). This means that if an event will get more than 3500 attendees (3500 is the amount of attendees in a core subscription), the event has to be an advanced event as a minimum. In the advanced and extensive packages the client can then buy ‘buckets’ to get more attendees.

  3. How do you showcase the possibilities in the different packages (Core, advanced, extensive)?

    You can showcase the different packages in the demo environment. In the ‘package settings’ you can select the package you want to showcase and the different features will be blocked or unlocked. This way you can show everything the different packages have to offer.

  4. What are the advantages of the app? The app offers the following advantages, among other things, in addition to the Let's Get Digital platform: - Latest news about the event - Interacting with other users ahead of the event - Signing up for program items before the event - Connecting with users ahead of the event - Setting up your profile - Information about the location (for live events) - An interactive floor plan - An attendee list - A list of companies and exhibitors - Images

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