Partner Tools

This page shines a light on the tools that you get as a partner

1. Partner page on the website of Let's Get Digital Partners will be placed under the partner page of LGD. Examples of these profiles can be found via Let's Get Digital will send all required information to the partners (Logo, About us, Contact details, and more) after the agreement is signed.

2. Partner Demo environment Partners are provided with a demo Let's Get Digital environment which can be used to practice with the platform.

3. Personalized reference link & Expert session Partners are able to invite their clients to the Let's Get Digitals' Expert Session to show them the possibilities during a real event. Let's Get Digital will provide a personalized reference link through which partners receive the contact details of the registered & attended clients. This way we also know which clients came in through which partner. The Expert Sessions are the best way to showcase the possibilities of the platform to possible clients. If a possible client is unsure about the platform, invite them to the expert sessions. The Expert Sessions have proven to drive up the conversion from lead to client by 20-30%. Use this to your advantage!

4. Marketing Tool Kit This toolkit can be used by partners to communicate their partnership with Let's Get Digital to their clients. It includes the following materials: Access to Business cases (e.g. Eurovision Press Centre) Content for your marketing channels (Newsletter, Website, Social Media). Including Banners, Animations, Logos, and more. Additional customized marketing material can be requested by partners.

5. Quoting Tool Quickly generate professional and impressive sales quotes for each client based on Let's Get Digitals' pricing (Desired packages & amount of users).

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